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Screen Shots

Program Loading

During this process, the program initializes and load all required modules, so later when the user tries to access them, user experiences minimal delay. The program also checks for any missing files while it loads and warns users of this.

Opening Project

Select File > Open Existing Project (Ctrl+O).

File Open Dialog

Click the Browse button to browse for a file. Use the View/Hide toggle button to display the content of the WSDL file. Select OK to open the selected file.

Main Window (After file is loaded)

Database Connectivity

As you may have realized that manual data entry or random data generation can be very redundant and tedious for a function with numerous parameters. Therefore I've included an option to select data from an external data source - eg. databases. Currently, TestOracle supports Microsoft SQL Server 8.0, and Microsoft OLEDB 3.51 and 4.0. Select Edit > Database Connection. Once you establish a database connection, you can select "Choose from Database" option from the Source dropdown for criteria selection for a parameter. See image below.

Exporting Test Cases

Select Export from Export menu.

Exported Test Data